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Cambridge Collaborative, Inc. develops and sells high-quality software products for noise and vibration design and prediction. Our mission as an engineering research and development company is to provide our customers with the best noise and vibration prediction technology available. We constantly strive to improve our software products by researching and developing new techniques and by increasing the accuracy of our prediction tools through analysis and comparison with test data.

Acoustic design plays an ever increasing role in the success of new products. Consumers are demanding quieter products. Inappropriate noise and vibration are often associated with poor product quality. The use of Cambridge Collaborative's SEAM software allows engineers and designers to identify and solve noise and vibration problems early in the design cycle, when it is still possible to make inexpensive design changes.

Since 1975, Cambridge Collaborative has played the leading role in introducing statistical energy analysis (SEA) to industry. We recognize that SEA is an evolving technology and dedicate a significant percent of our software budget to developing and improving the SEA technology embedded in our SEAM product. We also recognize the importance of productivity and visualization tools in enabling engineers to make efficient, accurate predictions and to clearly present their predictions to customers or management. Our mission as a commercial software provider is to develop software tools that help both novice and experienced engineers do their jobs better.

Cambridge Collaborative's SEAM software includes graphical input templates and a large variety of built-in modeling tools which are particularly helpful to beginners. Experienced users of our software are able to build models rapidly and efficiently without the costly and time-consuming entry of detailed geometry data. This combination of entry methods provides our customers with a user friendly, efficient, long-term solution to their noise and vibration software needs.

Cambridge Collaborative provides technical support, training and software upgrades through annual maintenance and support contracts. We also provide training courses on statistical energy analysis (SEA) and on the use of our SEAM products for specific applications.