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overview    CCi and SEAM in commercial machinery industry

CCi SEAM software, testing and consulting has been used in the following commercial machinery industries:
seam aerospace industry

Washers– SEAM was used as a design tool to progressively reduce the product's damping and noise reduction material cost each year while still maintaining the same expected, industry-leading quietness.

seam aeroplane industry

Electric Generator Enclosures– SEAM was used as a design tool to study what combinations of generator enclosure acoustic and damping treatments most efficiently reduced the radiated exterior noise to within acceptable limits as defined by several international community noise standards

seam helicopter industry

Air-conditioners– SEAM was used to predict structureborne and fluid-borne noise transmission and to recommend design changes and damping treatment locations for large commercial HVAC systems to reduce radiated noise levels.

seam helicopter industry

Wind Turbine– SEAM was used to make exterior noise predictions from interior nacelle noise sources, exterior fan blade noise and structureborne predictions from the gearbox.